I’ve been trying so hard to move all website editing to the iPad but, man, It is hard. Just not as easy as on the computer.

I think for building sites and all the components, doing it on the computer is better.

Making posts and writing will be better on the iPad.

I know that last year, in May, I wrote about posting more. This was a goal that never came to fruition and time just slipped away.

Thinking on this more and more, I did very little social posting as well.

It could be that the pandemic got me a little lazy but I think I was just lazy about doing this anyway. I don’t really go out much so there isn’t much to write about.

Also, in my own mind, I think that all posts should be longer and informative, but in reality, I think they should be a long and short.

Blogging is easy but keeping up with posting is the hard part.

What I want to do is post in one spot and it then populates everything to lead back to the post.

I will be working in that direction I think going forward. Just as soon as I get the basics set up which is harder than one would think.

Now with WordPress 5.9 getting ready to drop, it might be easier to post with patterns by creating a template and filling it in. We shall see.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a thought here to get myself motivated again. I have some new ideas activities on my todo list that I can post about so here is to trying again.

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