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Nothing going on here but life! Have a look at some of the stuff that I am doing to keep myself entertained. I add stuff here sometimes just to let the world know I am around.

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Audio Books

I recently restarted my Audible subscription up again. The first two books I listened to are below. These books were pretty good. The RuPaul book “Guru” is a bit short but packed full of great advice on how to make your life better and enjoy your life. Remember, “Don’t save bath bombs.” I think that […]


Hey folks! Ok, the two people that might read my posts on here… I have this great idea for new content here! I really want to start posting more, so, I am planning on adding short videos and short reviews. I am going to Florida for a week to hang out with my Automattic coworkers […]

Starting 360 Virtual Tours

I recently did a 360 tour for my neighbors who are selling their house. Have a look and here is the listing:613 15 Street SouthLethbridge 360 tours are a lot of fun! I used to do them a while back when the equipment was really expensive and crappy. Now, it is much easier and I […]

Catching up…

Posting has been a bit slow for me lately. I have had some work travel and our attempt to buy a house took a lot of time and emotional energy. I still took some pictures of the stuff I was doing and posted in the Socials though. I wanted to make a post to put […]

Wait! Where is the coffee!?!

I needed coffee on Saturday so I headed to Cuppers here in Lethbridge to grab some. I thought I would grab a cool tiny planet image with me and the coffee roaster. Yay! So cool! To my dismay, they don’t run the roaster on Saturdays!! FAIL! Oh well! I took one anyways!   😜

Lethbridge, Alberta