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Nothing going on here but life! Have a look at some of the stuff that I am doing to keep myself entertained. I add stuff here sometimes just to let the world know I am around.

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Saturday Mowings

I actually like doing yard work so I made a little video of me mowing my tiny yard. Hope you enjoy! 😉

Cucumber Salsa

Yeah! I know… I think April was my last post. This one is gonna be a good ole’ recipe. 🙂 At the local farmer’s market, they sell a Cucumber salsa that has tomatoes and recently I found that tomatoes are a gout trigger for me. So… I decided to try and replicate the recipe without …

Weekend Chaffles

So last week I posted on my socials, a picture of my weekend chaffle sangwiches and a few peeps were delighted to see them. They are Keto of course so here is the recipe I use in my little Dash waffle makers. I also made it into a video so have a look to see …

Mini Review – Ulanzi OP-5 wide angle lens adaptor for DJI Osmo Pocket.

I got this in the mail from Amazon.ca the other day and it is my first mini-review. I found the Ulanzi OP-5 wide-angle adaptor to be a nice addition to my DJI Osmo Pocket. The corners are a little blurred but it shouldn’t be too bad for vlogging since the focus is in the center, …

Audio Books

I recently restarted my Audible subscription up again. The first two books I listened to are below. These books were pretty good. The RuPaul book “Guru” is a bit short but packed full of great advice on how to make your life better and enjoy your life. Remember, “Don’t save bath bombs.” I think that …


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