PureMojo Studios and GP Mediaworks photographed Taber and Lethbridge, Alberta from 2007-2016.

In August 2017, I completed my career as a professional photographer and have since moved on to work for another company. I have almost every image I have taken in the last 10 years in archive.  The time has come for me to remove these from storage and make them available for purchase to all of my past clients. I will be selling the “digital negatives” from every session I have. If you are interested in owning your images from Grad, Weddings, Family, and Sports, the time is now and it is short.

All images of people that I have taken over the years will be deleted from my Archive at the end of the year (12-31-2017). If you are interested in purchasing yours, you may do so on this site.

All image collections will be sold at $150.00 per collection. You will have 100% rights to print and share. You may print at any size and any quantity.

To purchase your image collection, simply pay the $150.00 fee, fill out the information so we know which images are yours and you will be sent a link to download them. If I discover that I no longer have your images, you will be refunded in full. Once your download link is sent, refunds will not be given.

Digital Negatives

Digital negatives from your past session with PureMojo Studios or GP Mediaworks.



Once you have paid, please fill out the form below and provide the name, date, and type of session you had along with any other information that would be helpful in finding your images.

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Session or Portrait Information


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