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Nothing going on here but life! Have a look at some of the stuff that I am doing to keep myself entertained. I add stuff here sometimes just to let the world know I am around.

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iPad vs Computer

I’ve been trying so hard to move all website editing to the iPad but, man, It is hard. Just not as easy as on the computer. I think for building sites and all the components, doing it on the computer is better. Making posts and writing will be better on the iPad. I know that …

Rainy window

More Time To Post

Rainy Monday on this 2021 May long weekend. Just chilling, I played some video games and watched the latest Fear the Walking Dead. Listening to some music and making this post, I was thinking of all the ideas running through my head. I have my office set up for work and for podcasting/live streaming. Not …

Sunridge Snow

It got just warm enough for a quick drone flight so I was able to grab a short clip of a top-down view of the frozen water with snow on it. Kinda looks like the moon in the video or what one thinks the moon looks like up close. After the video, take a look …

Saturday Mowings

I actually like doing yard work so I made a little video of me mowing my tiny yard. Hope you enjoy! 😉

Cucumber Salsa

Yeah! I know… I think April was my last post. This one is gonna be a good ole’ recipe. 🙂 At the local farmer’s market, they sell a Cucumber salsa that has tomatoes and recently I found that tomatoes are a gout trigger for me. So… I decided to try and replicate the recipe without …


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