April 10th Scooter Ride

It was 17C on April 10th so I decided to take a little ride in the new neighbourhood. Social Distancing was practiced. Scooter Ride April 10, 2020 Let me know what you think. I am also going to be doing some 360 videos later when the weather is better and there is colour in the [...]

Little Bit of Meetup Memory

At the end of February, my work team ventured to Seattle to get some in person (IRL) time together. This is an every year occurrence for teams at our company. (currently canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic) We were there just as the COVID-19 issues were starting. Luckily we returned before all of the pandemic [...]

Food and Beverage Expo YQL

Saturday night I went to the Lethbridge Food and Beverage Expo at the Expedition Centre and took so pictures of some of my favourite brands and also got one of the Lethbridge Firefighters! P.S. Tiny Planets are so fun to make!! Cuppers CoffeeThe Bearded RealtersCorkBeard WineLethbridge Firefighters Made a couple videos for my friends over [...]

Mini Review – Ulanzi OP-5 wide angle lens adaptor for DJI Osmo Pocket.

I got this in the mail from Amazon.ca the other day and it is my first mini-review. I found the Ulanzi OP-5 wide-angle adaptor to be a nice addition to my DJI Osmo Pocket. The corners are a little blurred but it shouldn't be too bad for vlogging since the focus is in the center, [...]