Rainy Monday on this 2021 May long weekend. Just chilling, I played some video games and watched the latest Fear the Walking Dead.

Listening to some music and making this post, I was thinking of all the ideas running through my head. I have my office set up for work and for podcasting/live streaming. Not sure if I am gonna do the latter, but work is for sure.

I finally got around to making my Google Streetview creation site over at https://street360.ca which is likely going to be something totally different than what it is currently.

The weather is gonna be changing to warmer days (hopefully) in the next few days so I will be able to get out in the yard and do some scooter riding. I am excited for that and I will for sure be making some new posts one that stuff soon.

Being inside this weekend and staring at my back yard has made me go and learn a bunch of .zsh stuff to make my work workflow faster. I really enjoy finding this stuff on the YouTubes.

This post is pretty random. Heh 😏 I just wanted to make one and do a brain dump to put out there things I am doing and thinking about.

I am just excited for the warmer days coming up and I have a lot of things I want to do. I know I say this every so often, but, stay tuned for some fun stuff.

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