I recently restarted my Audible subscription up again. The first two books I listened to are below.

These books were pretty good. The RuPaul book “Guru” is a bit short but packed full of great advice on how to make your life better and enjoy your life. Remember, “Don’t save bath bombs.” I think that should be the title of the book.

RuPaul is a fascinating personality and the wife and I enjoy Drag Race. We look forward to the new shows each season.

The next is “Karamo” by Karamo Brown from Queer Eye on Netflix. He is the Culture expert. It is like an autobiography. It is very interesting and if you want to know more about Karamo himself, it is a good read (listen). He has a lot to tell about his life and how he became who he is today. Lots of great and relevant content on how to be respectful to everyone and also how to remove negativity.

My next book was a recommendation from my team lead at work. I am currently in the middle of this one.

** The book links above are Amazon Affiliate links so you know. 🙂

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