I got a glass bed for my 3D printer this week (Creality Upgraded 3D Printer Glass Bed ) and last night I added it to the printer. This thing was amazing to work with. I balanced it with ease and there was no issue with the filament not sticking to it. I am doing a print of a hinged box I got off of Thingiverse and will add images of it when it is done. The print came out nice and lefted off of the bed easily with no scraping but the box didn’t work and broke when bending the hinges.

^^ This would have been cool had it not gotten stuck together.

Print # 2 was some small carabiners in black.

UPDATE! Print #3 was this morning and is was white Yin and Yang carabiners. I added them to the gallery below.

So, the biggest benefits I see to the glass bed are:

  • Balancing ease
  • Filament adhesion
  • Ease of removal

Filament adhesion can change when using different colors so this will be a test for each one I have. The first print is with silver but I have black, gold, blue, and white as well so I will be printing some tests with these soon.

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