Starting in 2019 my plans to hang out on my days off will start. I will try to do some fun things and post some videos to this blog. (Not just food pictures 🙂 )

My goal is to eventually start a vlog and then a podcast maybe. I really enjoy working on WordPress sites and since this is what I do for a living, I may even start putting up some tutorials.

I think in the beginning here I need to do this one at a time and see where it leads. Last year, I committed myself to post a picture a day on Instagram. I have kept up with this for the most part, only missing a few days here and there.

So starting now, my weekends will be mine and I will be doing stuff that I find fun.

Get ready to see more videos and pictures.

Speaking of videos, Here is a little time lapse I did while hanging out in Starbucks this past Friday morning.

With Christmas coming up, I will post some of my family stuff too. I really like doing the time lapse videos and will likely post a lot of those.

Hope everyone has a great Holiday and a great new year. Here’s to 2019!

As for Social Media posts, I will post the links to my blog posts on Facebook and Instagram so you can follow there too.

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